Here’s what some customers have to say about Capt. Charles’ Charter:

“Captain Charles knows where to take you to put you on the fish.The flats of Appalachicola bay are our favorite places to fish for trout and redfish, and we seldom do not get our limit. He is fun to be with and has a great boat. Captain Charles Wilson is , in our opinion, the best guide in Apalachicola. We go there to catch fish and the best bet to do so is if you are in the boat with Charles. We almost always get our limit of either speckled trout or redfish and usually it is a limit of each. Then we have fun with catch release.

Charles grew up on the bay and knows it like the back of his hand. He has been a shrimper, an oysterman, a crabber, and once upon a time supplied us with the best softshelled crabs we ever tasted. Charles works extremely hard to catch fish. He will not stay in one place long if the fish are not biting.
Also, Charles is just fun to be with. You are never bored fishing with Captain Charles. He is extremely accommodating to my wife even though she once removed his hat with a mirror lure. We have fished with Charles for over twenty-five years. We hope to continue fishing with him for another twenty-five.

We are fortunate to have fished many places from all over the southeast to Colorado to Oregon to Costa Rico. But, the flats of Apalchicola are our favorite.”

– Joe & Victoria Chastain
Marietta, GA.

“I love it when a plan comes together.” When you hear Captain Charles utter those words, you know you are in for a treat. I’ve been fishing with Charles for well over twenty years, and I’ve seen his plans come together many times. Charles is one of the most competitive, hardest working fishing guides you’ll ever find. Often as not, his plans involve pulling in speckled trout on grubs, two at a time, as fast as you can shake the fish off the hooks and cast out again. Sometimes it involves that special spot where the scenery looks the same as the day God made it, and the redfish prowl in the shallows, just waiting to be tempted onto my hook by a pogey that Charles netted up hours earlier.

I’ll carry to the grave the memory of my son sitting in Charles’s lap, with Charles casting for him, teaching him when and how to set the hook and reel in the catch. Now that son out-fishes me, and tries to best his teacher Charles. Wonder where he learned that from? To borrow another of Charles’s favorite phrases, I guess it’s “Just another day at the office.”

– John D. Watson
Birmingham, Al.