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Satellite Map Of The Area Around Apalachicola
Satellite Map Of The Area Around Apalachicola

This is a satellite image from NASA showing the area immediately surrounding Apalachicola. There are three distinct environments within easy reach of our dock: The Gulf of Mexico, Apalachicola Bay, and the Apalachicola River system.

Each of these areas provides a different kind of fishing and boating experience. In the Gulf of Mexico you will find opportunities for Grouper, Wahoo, Amberjack, Tuna and a host of other deepwater species. Apalachicola Bay offers Redfish, Tarpon, and Pompano, as well as other near shore species. The Apalachicola River system is a tidal freshwater system where Bass, Seatrout, Shellcrackers, and Stumpknockers are plentiful, as are many other fish.

In addition to fishing opportunities, Apalachicola Bay and the Apalachicola River Estuary provide opportunities to experience an almost unlimited ability to observe Nature and wildlife in surroundings that have changed little in thousands of years.

The Apalachicola River Estuary (a wild network of rivers, creeks, and sloughs) is one of the most biodiverse areas in the Western Hemisphere. Here we have more species of plants, amphibians, reptiles, and other animals than just about anywhere north of the equator. Over the course of a year approximately 80% of all bird species found in North America either make their home here, or pass through on migration to other areas.