march fishing 2017

(David Oberschlake and wife with 2 nice reds caught on 3/9/17) Well spring has sprung and wer’e starting a new year fishing season we have a new president the stock markets up wer’e alive so let’s have some fun. Just last Saturday I went to a dinner of a dear friend of mine who only has a short time to live he and myself and two more of my good friends got on a bus 9/1/1966 to go into the army and all four of us wound up in Vietnam we all grew up here in Apalachicola and worked on the bay as young men and later when we all came home. We have all seen the highs and lows of our communinity and Apalachicola Bay and have been blessed to live in this area. The reason I am saying all this is to let people know that I don’t take any of this for granted I thank God each and everyday for what I am blessed with and can enjoy Sat. I took my 5 year old granddaughter Emalyn fishing she was sitting in my lap holding her rod and telling me “Papa I like fishig with you” it dosen’t get any better than that. I am able to take people from all walks of life out and try and show them a good time catching fish is always fun but the fish don’t always bite when that happens we have to become a historian, comedian, and a story teller ( some folks call it lairs tales) but we try to entertain, we want our clients to have the best experience possible. So far this season we are we are catching a fair number of whiting, white trout, the Red’s are scarce but will get better as it warms up speckled trout are scare as well they to will get better, I caught some pompano yesterday I am looking for a good year I think people for the most part are excitied and have a hope for better times ahead so come on down to Apalachicola, St. George Island call Capt. Charles 850 653 6482 and have some fun. Capt Charles started working on the Apalachicola bay 63 years ago at the tender age of 7.

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