July Fishing!!

Well were half way into July it has been a good spring and summer thus far. We have seen an abundance of Red Snapper, Kingfish, Black sea bass, B-liners, triggerfish as well as other species found in the Gulf. Snapper season closes at midnight 7/18/2011 due to the shortened season we have been booked almost everyday which is a good thing, just wish it was a longer season. The weather has been wonderful we haven’t missed a charter so far this season due to the weather God has been on our side despite the Governments effort to put us all out of business. The Bay fishing has been assume! with trout both Specks & white trout being caught in abundance. I would like to encourage all you fishing enthusiast to contact your local Congressmen & women as well as your Senators and let them know were are not satisfied with the Rules that are now in place Governing our fishing in the Gulf. Folks who fished with me this year saw the Gag Grouper that we threw back it is ridiculous because of the crazy laws we have to abide by, folks we are slowly losing all our God given rights. The old saying is the squeaky wheel gets the grease let’s make some noise! Thanks to all those who have came and fished with us this year despite the limits I think as a whole we have had good trips and caught good fish but if limits wasn’t as strict we could have done much better. Capt. Charles